Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Debut Novel!

The last time I posted an update I teased that I have a new book coming and would soon release the cover. Well, soon thereafter I was so swamped in copy edits, and other pre-release business that I completely forgot to do that. I am sorry for that but I have some news that might make up for that. My debut novel, The Moonflower, is now out!

Here's the publisher's description: 
"Getting into a Parisian art school was a dream come true for Ariana, but night terrors are disrupting her sleep, making it nearly impossible to complete her coursework, and now she faces expulsion.

When a mysterious woman gives her a pendant, promising it will solve her problems, Ariana is desperate enough to try it.

Instead of sweet dreams, it transports her to the Demos Oneiroi - the dream world of the ancient Greek gods - and thrusts her amidst a war between the gods.

Now Ariana must choose to let the gods fight amongst themselves, or risk everything to keep their feud from spilling into the real world."

And here's the cover I mercilessly teased about:
The gorgeous cover art is by Lee Moyer and I couldn't be happier with it! It's so amazing to finally see these characters on a cover and hold the book in my hands. This book is the first of five books in the Oneiroi War series. And because I know that someone will ask, yes, it will only be five books. I am not going to pull a GRRM or a Jordan on you by suddenly expanding the series and spending the next twenty years working on it. Right now the plan is to write and release a book a year in this series. I've already written about a third of book two and I'm loving it! It's so good!

It's available in ebook on AmazoniTunesNook, and Kobo.

There's also a paperback edition available on Amazon. The paperback will also be available at Reader's Guide and Powell's bookstores in Oregon but give it a few weeks before you rush in and buy it. Their warehouses haven't received their shipments yet but I've been assured that they will arrive.