Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waiting for the Rejection Carp

I sent off another submission last night. I don't feel as anxious about this one as I have in the past and I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps it's because I feel better about this book than I did last year. I've thoroughly edited it (again) and it's so much better than the previous draft. I can honestly say that this book, despite being my first finished novel, doesn't suck.

My lack of nerves might also be because I've been visited by the Rejection Carp before. What is the Rejection Carp, you may ask? The best comparison I can think of is that he's your least favorite relative. You're not excited to see him again because he never has anything nice to say and he kinda smells, but you know that encounters with him are inevitable. He is family, after all.

Either way, if the Carp glubs more bad news I can honestly say that it's not because my manuscript is covered with food pellets. I made sure it was pellet free before I e-mailed it. Sooner or later someone out there will like it enough to buy it so I can hire a sexy guy to feed me mochi and Tim Tams while I write my next book. (What? I can be productive and live out a fantasy at the same time.)

(Note: I'm posting this a bit early because I'll be at a trade show with my boss and while I might find a few minutes to post this during my customary timeframe, I'm not counting on it. The show is also why this post is shorter than normal. I'm writing this in the hotel room before I meet up with her.)

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