Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm not cheating

Once again, my math teacher proved to be right. I really did need to know how to solve a story problem. While this realization made me wiser, it didn't make me any better at solving them. I don't suck at math. Heck, I use it every day at work. Give me four bags of books and I can tell you in thirty seconds what the trade in value is. In college I could solve Logs in my head. But give me a story problem and I'll over complicate the equation every time. It's frustrating.

On the bright side, now that I'm in the "real world" I can turn to friends who are good at story problems and get them to solve the equation for me. It's no longer considered cheating. Yay!

In other news I've discovered how many of my guy friends don't know how important it is to a woman to have a good bra. (Seriously, guys. Our holy grail is a cup of a different kind.) I'm not bringing this up to demean them. They're guys. It's normal. However it does make me wonder what I don't know about the physical discomforts of being a man. As a writer I definitely need to know how to write the other. This doesn't necessarily mean that I want to incorporate a blue ball scene into a story just so I have an excuse to assuage my curiosity. There are some things that shouldn't be put on paper....but I'm still curious. Don't worry gents. If I ask you a weird question, it doesn't mean I'm going to put your words in a story. I'm simply curious and I want to understand so my male characters are more realistic.

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