Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I made a sale!

First off I just posted my last Fictorians blog for the year. This one is about the most important lesson I learned this year.


I also have a story in another issue of Fiction River. It's in Sparks which was edited by Rebecca Moesta. The stories in Fiction River: Sparks are YA but adults will enjoy them too. It comes out next month which is appropriate since Last January her husband, Kevin J. Anderson published my first story in the Kobo edition of Fiction River: Pulse Pounders. There's some beautiful symmetry in that.

And now for the big announcement! I have a story in the upcoming Eclipse Phase anthology, After the Fall, edited by Jaym Gates! You can read the official announcement here. I'm really proud of this story! Eclipse Phase is a fascinating post-apocalyptic trans-humanist sci-fi role playing game (Try saying that three times fast!) where humanity isn't bound to flesh or even to Earth. This universe really pushed me as an author. I've written sci-fi before but not any that was avant-garde as this. I loved working with Jaym and the EP team on this and I'm so stoked to share a table of contents with so many incredible writers!

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