Monday, September 5, 2016


Hello all!

A few things that were in the works have settled enough that I can announce them. I have two more short stories coming in issues of Fiction River! I don't know the exact release dates yet but one will be released in the winter of 2017 and one in the spring. They're doing a really cool subscription drive right now. Check it out here. There's two weeks left. They've already unlocked the second stretch goal! Trust me, you want to be a subscriber. The coming issues have amazing stories in them!

Another piece of good news is that the table of contents for the Monster Hunter Anthology, edited by Larry Correia and Bryan Thomas Schmidt, was announced:

Larry Correia, Jim Butcher, Mike Kupari, Jessica Day George, John C. Wright, Maurice Broaddus, Brad Torgersen, Faith Hunter, Jody Lynn Nye, Quincy J Allen, Alex Shvartsman, Kim May, Steve Diamond, John Ringo, Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Julie Frost, Sarah A. Hoyt, and Jonathan Maberry.

Yep. That's me in there! I'm really excited about this one! I don't know the release date for this one either but fall of 2017 is what they're estimating right now.

There will probably be more releases from me next year in addition to these. There are two other things that are still in the works that I'm not ready to announce yet. When I know more about all of these I'll announce it here.

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