Monday, March 24, 2014

Some difficult decisions

I have come to the realization that I need Hermione's time turner. There is too much to do. I always thought that when I broke into the business it would be either a short story sale to a small magazine or a  novel sale. In the case of the first, I didn't expect it to be widely publicized or in an issue with a lot of big names so it would go largely unnoticed. In the case of the second, I figured I'd have a year or two to get a (real) website up, and do all the business and promotional things that I haven't had time see to. Well this mega short story sale falls in between since there are a considerable number of big names in these anthologies and I can't afford to miss out on the momentum it will create.

What exactly does that entail?

Building a website
Updating my business cards
Updating my bio
Having professional bio pictures taken
Spreading the word about these sales to all of my friends and clients
Have a will drawn up (I have intellectual property to secure)
Submitting more stories
Writing more stories
Oh, and completing all of my edits on time and I have to juggle all that with my day job and prepare for Avenue Q auditions next month...

With that in mind I'm going to be cutting back on my blogging. I'll only be posting every other week. I hope that this will only be temporary because I really enjoy blogging but I have to do this. I've been working too many late nights lately and I need to be smart about this now before my health suffers because of it. (I'm walking a fine line as it is.)

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